Switch Plates & Electrical Accessories
Anodised Aluminium Etching

We engrave and colour-fill thousands of these items every year.

Most plastic and metal clad switches engrave well and the text is colour filled – usually in black, grey or red, if you need something different, just ask. Stainless steel plates are etched using a different process with black engraving.

Order your accessories from your wholesaler and get them delivered directly to us, we’ll complete the job and deliver direct to your site or office – we aim to make things easy for you.

Our lasers produce superior marking in comparison with standard engraving – text is always even and precise and will not rub off or fade. Symbols and/or logos can be engraved too.

Who has time to count up each character? We certainly don’t and we’re sure you don’t either, therefore we only charge on a per line basis and we offer generous discounts for bulk orders.

Standard Example Costs

  • Plastic Spurs – from £2.50
  • Plastic Grid switches – from £2.50
  • Plastic Grid Switch Plates – from £2.50
  • Metal Finish – from £3.75

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