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Searching for Valve Tags / Valve Discs? Look no further! On this page, you’ll find and have the opportunity to purchase our standard selection of valve tags, which are always in stock and ready for quick dispatch.

Our engraved tags are employed daily by numerous clients, especially those working in heating and ventilation, mechanical engineering, air conditioning, building, and facilities management sectors. Whether you’re a solo contractor or part of a large company, our cost-effective valve identification products are perfect for your projects.

Engraved Tags & Discs are the go-to for valve identification within the construction field, and you can discover our premium pipe and valve identification tags in this section.

Crafted from sturdy plastic and offered in various colors and sizes, these valve tags are prepared in pre-packaged sizes based on your specific needs. You can purchase our tags instantly online to supplement your safety gear collection. If online shopping isn’t for you, our customer service team is ready to assist with your purchase.

It’s the ideal time to secure your Valve Tags / Valve Discs, so they’re on hand for installation in your plant rooms when necessary. Frequently used to mark water heating systems alongside pipe markers, these engraved tags are highly sought after. Remember to add some ball chain connectors to your order!

We provide comprehensive valve tagging solutions, including custom engraved Valve Tags / Valve Discs crafted from acrylic plastic sheets. If you require custom valve tags, consult with us regarding our assortment of plastics.


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