How do I preserve my wooden signs?

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Our wooden signs are supplied either unfinished or finished.  We generally use oak because of it's longevity but all woods can be sealed with either clear varnish or oiled for a resilient finish.

How do I clean my labels and signs?

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Our labels will probably never need cleaning but just use water and washing up liquid and a soft brush or cloth. WD40 can be sprayed on and wiped off to remove any sticky residue. [...]

Why are my labels “bowing” in the middle?

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This occurs when the screw fixings are too tight which does not allow the acrylic to expand and contract with changes in temperature. All screw holes should be slightly oversized to allow for this [...]

How long will it take to receive my order?

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We endeavour to despatch all orders within 7 working days. If your requirement is urgent, please contact us before placing your order and we will confirm how soon we can despatch your items.

Can you make my labels self-adhesive?

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We can apply self-adhesive tape to the reverse of your labels or signs, you simply need to peel and stick. Screw fixing is recommended if these items will be subjected to the elements or [...]