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Valve Tags and Valve Discs

Do you work in the construction industry and need quality valve identification labels? Laser Techniques offer the UK the finest products and finishes.

We provide you with bespoke sizes, shapes and colours to suit your specific needs. No matter how may valve tags you need, we never restrict you to standard quantities or text.

Laser Techniques only charge you per label, enabling you to keep your project costs to a minimum. We appreciate that you have set budgets and want to help you supply a quality product at a cost effective price.

Each valve label features a single fixing hole or slot which allows you to secure our products to your plant with chrome plated ball chains & clips or cable ties. We can also provide self-adhesive solutions or pin fixings on request. All our items are bespoke and designed especially for you.

We highly recommend our handy readymade valve chains to save you critical time at the end of your construction projects. We also stock ball chain by the metre together with clips and split rings for your convenience.

Contact us today for further advice and to place your pipe identification label orders on 01277 228194.

Pipe Identification Labels

Whether you’re a mechanical contractor, design engineer or facilities manager working for a blue chip multi-national, council or public body, Laser Techniques can meet you high demands for accurate identification labelling. By using the finest materials and high tech equipment, we offer superior quality products at cost effective prices.

However many pipe identification labels you need for you individual project, we will work to your brief first time and every time. We manufacture a range of sizes, colours and shapes tailored to your project. Laser Techniques costs are based on label size not narrative, so all you have to budget for is the cost of each pipe identification label. We offer a choice of fixings – single hole, slot, self-adhesive or pin fixing and also stock valve chains in a variety of lengths to complete the job, we have all your needs covered.

Our bespoke products enable the rest of the world to see that your company are responsible for working on reputable projects across the UK. Whether you want to order one pipe identification label or one hundred, we deliver your orders fast and efficiently. Laser Techniques refuse to compromise on the quality of our products and services, which is why so many existing clients use us time after time.

So, to order your pipe identification labels or if you need further specialist advice, call us on 01277 228194 today.

Engraved Plastic Mimic and Control Panels

Why not make life easier by having your plastic mimic panels engraved by Laser Techniques?

We manufacture a wide range of mimic panels used on a variety of equipment and plant. Each mimic panel can be engraved to your exact specification. Holes can be cut for fixing and to accommodate switches and warning lamps, no matter their size or shape.

Our text is always clear and precise so your mimic panels always remain easy to read throughout the lifetime of the equipment.

Laser Techniques can also provide self-adhesive identification strips to match your exact control panel spacing. You can include your company names and logos or any other details you require, as we design our plastic mimic panels to meet your exact demands.

We are happy to supply bulk products and always retain your individual company templates to ensure quick and easy re-ordering.


To order your personalised engraved plastic mimic panels, call Laser Techniques today on 01277 228194.

Anodised Aluminium Etching & Engraving

In all areas of industry and commerce there is a need for clear labelling, and it is essential in most cases that it is long lasting and durable. By using an anodised aluminium etching and engraving technique you can be sure of excellent results, and at Laser Techniques, a company with many years of experience in the business, you are sure of getting a friendly and professional service from our expert team. Using only the best machinery and techniques you get a product that is of the very highest quality.

At Laser Techniques we provide a quick, efficient and reliable service, engraving and etching your own anodised aluminium products at competitive prices, and many satisfied clients can testify to the service provided. For all your engraved and etched products this is clearly the place to come for guaranteed results.

Industrial Plastic Labels

At Laser Techniques Ltd we are able to produce the highest quality laser engraved industrial plastic labels. No matter what kind of business you are, or what product you supply, we can produce plastic labels that match your personality and brand, and help you really stand out with our custom touches.

Our industrial plastic labels are incredibly durable, making our signage permanent and virtually maintenance free. No matter what your engraved plastic labels needs are, we can deliver.

Our plastic labels are made from a modern, acrylic based alternative to Traffolyte. It’s a fantastic substance that allows us to produce labels ranging in differing colours, effects and thicknesses. It allows us to provide a truly custom service, and its versatility allows us to produce labels with different finishes such as granite or metal.

We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality and most competitively priced industrial plastic labels in the industry, and we set ourselves apart by charging according to label size, and not per character engraved.

If you are in need of industrial plastic labels, we are here to help you. Visit us here for more information.

Identification Discs and Tags

In the construction industry safety is the highest priority, and for identification of dangerous or essential parts of the process such as pipes and valves, the right kind of tag needs to be found. Quality identifications discs and tags should last a long time, be free from wear and always be easy to read, and one company that has plenty of experience in providing such items is Laser Techniques. With 20 years of experience in the industry, the company is proficient in all types of signage and engraved labels, and uses only the very best materials.

Dealing with customers ranging from small projects to major multinational corporations, Laser Techniques has built a reputation for top quality laser engraving services, and supplies a wide range of products made to the highest standards. The latest machinery is used to provide the best results, and a commitment to excellence in customer service makes the company one that assures a professional service. With comprehensive choice of products, this is the place to go for your laser engraved identification discs and tags.

Laser Etching & Laser Marking onto Stainless Steel


Stainless steel components often need to be individually identified to ensure lifetime traceability.

As stainless steel is such a hard material, the standard engraving process needs to be done very slowly – making several passes to gain the best results,  and then the engraving needs colour-filling with paint to highlight the text – all this adds considerably to the expense.

By using our laser etching methods developed over many years, both these processes are completed at the same time, the text is permanently black and and the marking will never rub off continuing to identify the part for life.

Complicated shaped components can be very difficult or impossible to engrave using standard cutters especially when the text size is tiny and clearances are small.  Our lasers are able to engrave text less than 2mm without any distortion or loss of clarity and clearances are irrelevant . We design specialist jigs to ensure that each line of text is correctly aligned on each machine part.

Due to the vast range of different stainless steels available, we always insist on carrying out a sample engraving for our customers before full production is begun.  We employ several different etching techniques, choosing the one that is most suitable for your stainless steel variety and finish.

Stainless steel switch plates and electrical accessories can be engraved using these methods too.

Anodised aluminium can also be etched/marked in a similar way using a variety of different techniques.

Bulk Order – Valve Discs


We’ve just received another large valve tag order to complete a project at Kings Cross Station.  The redundant Goods Yards have been transformed over the past couple of years with brand new buildings and offices. Each valve and system in the building need to be permanentlyvalve-chain identified.  Our valve discs and fixing chains allow our clients to ensure this is achieved easily.

Not so long ago valve discs were simple,  V1 to V1000+ was perfectly adequate but with the massive development in integrated building system design this solution is no longer ideal.  Each valve disc may need to show the valve no. together with the system it belongs to.  Therefore each tag may require more engraving – maybe 3 lines of text instead of one.  Most engravers charge per character – so there can be a huge cost increase on a large project.  However, our lasers handle such variations quickly and simply and so we only charge according to the disc size chosen – 3 lines of text – same price!

White Valve Discs

Get me out of Trouble Blanks

Sometimes things don’t always go according to plan, do they?  What to do when the apprentice drills the hole too large or the old fixing is bigger than the new one?  It is at times like this that our customers need to find a solution quickly, one that looks professional and doesn’t cost a fortune.  We are proud to say that we have often been able to solve such problems easily and speedily, by simply cutting blank plates that can be fitted to hide the offending hole or mistake.  We can cut all sorts of sizes and shapes to ensure a neat finish and make good the problem.

Recently we were asked to provide some self adhesive grey discs to disguise dozens of speakers that had been incorrectly installed.  By using this simply technique the speakers did not have to be removed and refitted, therefore saving days of extra work and keeping the project on schedule and budget – PHEW!

On another occasion Nurse call points were being replaced with newer versions but these were slightly smaller and the screw fixings were different too.   To replace the back boxes would have meant re-plastering or filling around each point considerably adding to the installation time and cost.   We simply cut appropriately sized “frames” to fit over the hole dimensions – this covered the gaps but allowed access to the wiring behind and the new fixings were securely made.

We are called LASER TECHNIQUES and are always developing new “techniques” to help our customers, so if you have a problem – don’t delay – get in touch – our solution might just surprise you!



Exterior Signs

All the acrylics we use are suitable for siting outdoors.  Not all engraving laminates can withstand the elements but ours will survive outside happily for many, many years.  Our signs do not require regular maintenance – an occasional wash with soapy water and a soft cloth will remove any dirt built up and ensure they can always be easily read.home-slide1

When mounting any signage it is important to allow for a little movement.  Signage will expand and contract with temperature changes. By simply drilling over sized holes and not over tightening the fixings, bowing and hole splitting can be avoided. Always consider where and how your sign is going to be displayed.  We stock a wide range of fixings – something for every situation. We are always happy to assist our customers if they are unsure which type will be the perfect solution – just give us a call.

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