Stainless Steel & Component Marking

Using the heat from the laser and our special chemical compound allows permanent black marking onto stainless steel.

Laser etching has many advantages over other marking methods;

  • it will not rub off – it is permanent
  • the text is precise and accurately placed, even the smallest lettering is clear and easy to read
  • set-up costs are far less than silk screening or carbide cutting and samples can be reviewed prior to procurement
  • small runs or even individual items can be economically marked
  • all jobs are stored in our laser system, allowing repeat or similar orders to be quickly turned around

Many stainless steel items can be laser engraved ensuring that each one is clearly and individually identified. Switch plates, components, face plates, machine parts, decorative items – the list is endless – use our contact page to see if we can laser engrave your stainless steel goods.

Alternatively call us on  01277 228194 or email [email protected]