Sometimes things don’t always go according to plan, do they?  What to do when the apprentice drills the hole too large or the old fixing is bigger than the new one?  It is at times like this that our customers need to find a solution quickly, one that looks professional and doesn’t cost a fortune.  We are proud to say that we have often been able to solve such problems easily and speedily, by simply cutting blank plates that can be fitted to hide the offending hole or mistake.  We can cut all sorts of sizes and shapes to ensure a neat finish and make good the problem.

Recently we were asked to provide some self adhesive grey discs to disguise dozens of speakers that had been incorrectly installed.  By using this simply technique the speakers did not have to be removed and refitted, therefore saving days of extra work and keeping the project on schedule and budget – PHEW!

On another occasion Nurse call points were being replaced with newer versions but these were slightly smaller and the screw fixings were different too.   To replace the back boxes would have meant re-plastering or filling around each point considerably adding to the installation time and cost.   We simply cut appropriately sized “frames” to fit over the hole dimensions – this covered the gaps but allowed access to the wiring behind and the new fixings were securely made.

We are called LASER TECHNIQUES and are always developing new “techniques” to help our customers, so if you have a problem – don’t delay – get in touch – our solution might just surprise you!