Laser Etching & Laser Marking onto Stainless Steel


Stainless steel components often need to be individually identified to ensure lifetime traceability.

As stainless steel is such a hard material, the standard engraving process needs to be done very slowly – making several passes to gain the best results,  and then the engraving needs colour-filling with paint to highlight the text – all this adds considerably to the expense.

By using our laser etching methods developed over many years, both these processes are completed at the same time, the text is permanently black and and the marking will never rub off continuing to identify the part for life.

Complicated shaped components can be very difficult or impossible to engrave using standard cutters especially when the text size is tiny and clearances are small.  Our lasers are able to engrave text less than 2mm without any distortion or loss of clarity and clearances are irrelevant . We design specialist jigs to ensure that each line of text is correctly aligned on each machine part.

Due to the vast range of different stainless steels available, we always insist on carrying out a sample engraving for our customers before full production is begun.  We employ several different etching techniques, choosing the one that is most suitable for your stainless steel variety and finish.

Stainless steel switch plates and electrical accessories can be engraved using these methods too.

Anodised aluminium can also be etched/marked in a similar way using a variety of different techniques.