Identification Discs and Tags

In the construction industry safety is the highest priority, and for identification of dangerous or essential parts of the process such as pipes and valves, the right kind of tag needs to be found. Quality identifications discs and tags should last a long time, be free from wear and always be easy to read, and one company that has plenty of experience in providing such items is Laser Techniques. With 20 years of experience in the industry, the company is proficient in all types of signage and engraved labels, and uses only the very best materials.

Dealing with customers ranging from small projects to major multinational corporations, Laser Techniques has built a reputation for top quality laser engraving services, and supplies a wide range of products made to the highest standards. The latest machinery is used to provide the best results, and a commitment to excellence in customer service makes the company one that assures a professional service. With comprehensive choice of products, this is the place to go for your laser engraved identification discs and tags.