Bulk Order – Valve Discs


We’ve just received another large valve tag order to complete a project at Kings Cross Station.  The redundant Goods Yards have been transformed over the past couple of years with brand new buildings and offices. Each valve and system in the building need to be permanentlyvalve-chain identified.  Our valve discs and fixing chains allow our clients to ensure this is achieved easily.

Not so long ago valve discs were simple,  V1 to V1000+ was perfectly adequate but with the massive development in integrated building system design this solution is no longer ideal.  Each valve disc may need to show the valve no. together with the system it belongs to.  Therefore each tag may require more engraving – maybe 3 lines of text instead of one.  Most engravers charge per character – so there can be a huge cost increase on a large project.  However, our lasers handle such variations quickly and simply and so we only charge according to the disc size chosen – 3 lines of text – same price!

White Valve Discs