Spurs, Modules and Switch Plates


Getting permanent marking on switch plates and spurs can be a REAL PAIN IN THE NECK!

Yes, we know how many times have we heard: –

“Thank goodness we’ve found you; we didn’t know where to get these done.” 


“The last batch cost us a fortune to be engraved and took ages.”

We engrave and colour-fill thousands of Spurs, Modules and Switch Plates every year.

Customers usually choose either black or red text but if you need something different, just ask. Most plastic switch plates and grid plates from major manufacturers engrave well, also some metal ones, including stainless steel.

Order your accessories from your wholesaler and get them delivered directly to us, we’ll complete the job and deliver direct to your site or office – how much easier can we make it!

Our lasers produce superior marking in comparison with standard engraving – text is always even and precise, previously you may have been a “victim” of wobbly or inconsistent lettering, don’t delay give us a call straightaway. Pictograms or logos can be engraved too.

Who has time to count up each character? We certainly don’t and we’re sure you don’t either, therefore we only charge on a per line basis and we offer generous discounts for bulk orders.

We’re here to make our customers lives easier and less complicated!


Just ask us we will be happy to help.

Contact us now to discuss your needs

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