Fire Door Labels & Discs

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These circular Fire Door Labels are essential when manufacturing or installing fire doors in blocks of flats, schools, colleges, offices or industrial premises.  Our acrylic based material is designed to be very hard wearing and our laser engraving ensures that the text always remains clear and permanent and will not deteriorate over time.  Choose different colour combinations to suit your particular requirements.  We can manufacture these Fire Door labels in a variety of sizes and the heavy duty self-adhesive backing allows them to be easily and quickly applied to the surface of the door front or recessed into it.  Our super strong self-adhesive backing is not affected by cleaning products so is perfect for hospital and kitchen installations where repeated cleaning of the doors may be necessary.

We never restrict you to standard packs of numbers or text, so just order exactly what you need.

We simply charge per label, so multiple lines of text can be accommodated without additional expense.

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