Engraved Labels and Signs


When is a label big enough to be called a sign?

No, we don’t know either!  However we produce both to match your exact requirements!

Laser engraved acrylic signage provides a very durable, permanent, clear and virtually maintenance free marking solution. Instructions, warning signs, information, requests, statutory, directional, courtesy, statements, public awareness, historic signs, round, square, oval or triangular  – we love to make them all.

You can create and order your labels and signs now via our online shop – please click here.

Acrylic laminates or sometimes known as Traffolyte, (find out why in our article about Traffolyte) come in a huge range of different colours, thicknesses and finishes to suit almost any application.   Did you know you can choose “wood, granite or metal” plastic finishes?

Rounded corners, cut outs or unusual shapes, fine detail or the boldest text are never a problem.  Fixing holes cut to your exact specifications or self-adhesive backing, it’s your choice.  We also stock plastic push rivets and various screws to make fixing ultra quick and simple.

For areas where cleanliness is critical we use reverse engraving laminate to produce a smooth germ free surface which is easily cleaned.  This material is ideal for hospital signs, kitchens and other places where germ free, wipe clean surfaces are essential.

We are virtually unique among engravers because we only charge according to label size and NOT per character. This was such a good idea that other engravers now use it!  Still they say imitation is the best form of flattery!

If you need engraved signs or labelling, give us a call or drop us an email, we are always happy to help. Or you can visit our online store.

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